Once again…

I’m writing about struggling with my running. I think this is going to become a regular segment on this blog. As you can see if you have been keeping up with my daily workout page, I haven’t been having a daily workout. Not even close. I wrote a couple weeks ago about struggling and that I was going to challenge myself to running at least a mile every day, no matter where I had to squeeze it in. This past week I didn’t run one single day. So you can see how well that challenge went.

There are two things I’ve figured out:

  1. I am not good at sticking to things. Daniel pointed this out to me the other day and it was a major discovery for me but he’s totally right: I have a pattern of being gung ho about something for about 2 weeks. And then I taper off. I get behind, I get lazy, I find a new show to watch on Hulu plus, and I’m done for. I wonder if that means I have ADD… hmmm…
  2. My dietary choices drastically affect my running and how I feel about running. A couple of weeks ago, I had left over steak and rice for lunch one day at work and that evening’s run was grueling. It was a real struggle to just keep going. The next day I had the splendid quinoa with black beans and tomatoes and my evening run was easy peasy lemon squeezy. I feel light on my feet and like I could run and run and run. Now, I only ran 2.17 miles, but for me, that’s a good long way. I had a chicken sandwich a fries for lunch today and my evening run was another struggle. So, there you have it. I can’t deny the facts.

All that said, I have to stick to something at some point. I’m signed up for a 5K on April 14, exactly 2 weeks from today. So, that gives me 13 more days to get ready. I had planned to follow the Couch-to-5K plan, but that means that by now I’d be running 2.5-2.75 miles each day by now. The most I’ve done is that 2. 17 mile run and that was almost 2 weeks ago. Having barely run since then, I’m not up to speed. So, I came up with a plan:

  • Today I was able to run 1.7 miles without walking. It wasn’t easy, but I pushed myself. So, if I can increase my distance by a tenth of a mile each day through April 13, then I’ll be ready for 3.1 miles on April 14:
    • March 31: 1.7 miles
    • April 1: 1.8 miles
    • April 2: 1.9 miles
    • April 3: 2 miles
    • April 4: 2.1 miles
    • April 5: 2.2 miles
    • April 6: 2.3 miles
    • April 7: 2.4 miles
    • April 8: 2.5 miles
    • April 9: 2.6 miles
    • April 10: 2.7 miles
    • April 11: 2.8 miles
    • April 12: 2.9 miles
    • April 13: 3 miles
    • April 14: 3.1 miles (By the way, I KNOW this is going to be hard. I know it. But I have to push myself. I just have to.)
  • I am going to use my Vibram Five Fingers shoes for my runs for these two weeks. I wore them the last time I ran and my legs and tush were sore for 3 days afterward (my first excuse for skipping a run). If I keep running and using the toe shoes, it will help to strengthen and tone my bottom half. This is definitely going to take a toll on my body, especially running so much and not being used to it, but it will be great. This is something I HAVE to stick to. I can’t walk at the 5K. I just cant.
  • I am going vegan for the next two weeks. If eating quinoa and fruits and vegetables makes me feel lighter, then that will help my running every day. So no more bagels or cereal for breakfast, only smoothies. And no more sandwiches,  burgers, steaks, chicken barbeque, and take out mexican for lunch and dinner, but back to the Daniel fast diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and legumes.

So, I hope you’ll help keep me accountable – Lord knows I need all the help I can get! What are you doing to push yourself these days? What is your big struggle in the fight for healthy living? Who helps to push you when you can’t push anymore??

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